Comprehensive Security Solutions in California & Texas

Point One Protection Services Inc. offers customized security solution services for anyone looking to protect their life, property, or manage security systems. We serve the residential and commercial communities of Texas and California.

Point One Protection Services Inc.
Point One Protection Services Inc.

Why You Should Work with Point One Protection Services, Inc.

We offer individualized security solution services that are unmatched in the private security business. We are committed to providing you with the best possible security program designed specifically for your needs.

We offer a wide range of services, including security officers, to perform patrols, inspections, and access control.

Our Specialty Services

Uniformed Security Professionals

Our uniformed security guards dress in police-type uniforms. Our general corporate orders require that our personnel keep their uniforms pressed and clean at all times. Their shoes are polished in military-style, and men are clean-shaven with neat haircuts. Our female officers are held to the same standards.

Extensive Pre-employment Screening

Our comprehensive pre-employment screening ensures that we hire individuals with the highest level of integrity and abilities. Every security officer is then thoroughly trained to meet the requirements for the particular location where he or she will be providing services. We also train on the specific security needs of the client’s industry.

Best Officers at Work

We assess each individual’s strengths and training and make sure that they are assigned to sites that will best use their particular skills. We make sure our field supervisors work closely with the security officers to ensure that they perform their duties with efficiency and the highest level of service.


Our security guards are trained to make visible foot and vehicular patrols throughout their posts in undetermined patterns. We encourage our personnel to interact with your patrons and employees in addition to standing a fixed position.

Equipped Vehicles

Our patrol vehicles are equipped with a state-of-the-art vehicle patrol program. We have a fleet of Ford police interceptor patrol vehicles, each equipped with a digital video recording (DVR) system covering a 360-degree arc around the vehicle. All vehicles are equipped with an audio recording system used to document any conversation taking place inside the vehicle.

GPS Tracking

Each vehicle is equipped with a GPS tracking and mapping system. The tracking of each vehicle is done 24/7 through our dispatch center, and this system transmits all information related to the vehicle, including speed, location, and any mechanical issue. All patrol stops are recorded and tracked on our server for record purposes.


At Point One Protection Services, Inc., w offer concierge/receptionist services specially geared toward high-rise buildings. Be it residential or commercial high-rise buildings, our employees work as concierge/receptionist.

Working Closely with You

Our skilled officers work closely with the residents of a building and support them in their daily requests while the officers ensure the security of a building. Support functions include concierge duties, information requests, deliveries, and other vital functions. The officers are trained in areas such as customer service, local knowledge, delivery procedures, and other special training needs.

Special Event Security

Point One Protection Services, Inc. offers specially-trained, and well-dressed special event officers who provide individualized services.

Live Scan Finger Printing

Point One Protection Services is approved by the Department Of Justice (DOJ) to offer Live Scan Services to the general public. 

Lobby Officers

Point One Protection Services, Inc. offers its client an officer whose strong suit is customer service – one who has an aptitude for having a great amount of customer contact throughout the day. The officer will also be skilled at electronic monitoring systems, entry and egress systems, fire/life safety systems.

Administrative Specialist

The officer will be able to communicate with special emphasis on observing and creating report procedures, dealing with difficult people and legal aspects, and liability. The lobby officer program is primarily applicable to office buildings and the campus-style office and educational settings.

24-Hours Emergency Response and Customer Service

Point One Protection Services, Inc. provides emergency planning and preparation tools. We work closely with you to design a business continuity plan that will go into effect in case of an emergency. Our offices are staffed around the clock with customer service representatives for your convenience.


Point One Protection Services, Inc. conducts training that exceeds that of any of our competitor’s programs. The knowledge of our management team is passed on to our new employees. In addition to the state-mandated certification courses, we offer other training.


Point One Protection Services, Inc. supervisory personnel possess a minimum of seven years of security experience. Our supervisors are charged with scheduling, assigning security posts, and acting as a liaison between the board of directors and our client. Our supervisory personnel is available to you, 24 hours every day, to maintain quality assurance and customer service.

Security Consulting

Point One Protection Services, Inc. partners with you in every stage of creating a robust security project. We act as both consultants and colleagues to work in a manner commensurate with both of our agency’s relevant skills so that we bring value to the project.

Loss Prevention Package

Our loss prevention officers are well-trained to prevent thefts from taking place. Whether they are in the security office or undercover on the sales floor, these officers must keep an eye out for shoplifters who are hiding the merchandise under their clothing, switching price tags, or otherwise attempting to steal from the store.

Monitoring Store Personnel

Officers might also be called upon to monitor store personnel to avoid situations such as undercharging friends and relatives or violating other company policies. Also, officers might train other store employees to detect shoplifters.

Video Surveillance

The officers are a part of the security team at a retailer or other company. They are not usually uniformed guards who patrol the store or watch a particular entrance. Instead, they work in the back-office, monitoring video footage from surveillance cameras or walk the store in plain clothes, keeping an eye on shoppers.

Security Mechanism Evaluation

We will evaluate security measures such as camera placement or security tagging, or developing policies and procedures for theft prevention, such as where to place the station guards. Reports on everything from daily summaries to the long-term measurement of risk or liability are also a regular part of our loss prevention officer's job.