Loss Prevention Package

    Point One Protection Services, Inc. loss prevention officer are well trained to prevent thefts from taking place. Whether they are in the security office or undercover on the sales floor, these officers must keep an eye out for shoplifters who are hiding merchandise on their person, switching price tags or otherwise attempting to steal from the store. Officers might also be called upon to monitor store personnel to avoid situations such as undercharging friends and relatives or violating other company policies. In addition, officers might train other store employees to detect shoplifters.

    Our Loss prevention officers are part of the security team at a retailer or other company. They are not usually uniformed guards who patrol the store or watch a particular entrance. Instead, they work in the back-office monitoring video footage from surveillance cameras or walk the store in plain clothes, keeping an eye on shoppers.

    Loss prevention officers might be asked to assist loss prevention managers with overall security plans for the store. This may include evaluating security measures such as camera placement or security tagging, or developing policies and procedures for theft prevention, such as where to station guards. Reports on everything from daily summaries to long-term measurement of risk or liability are also a regular part of our loss prevention oofficer's job.

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